And I really truly began from the Old Testament to the New to see through and through it wasn’t just poetic. God was really trying to tell us something. Now sheep require of almost all of the livestock type animals, require the most care. And there’re certain things that are just germane to that species. They are silly, they are-I mean you to put food in an area. Pastor Melissa Scott shows us that unless you are leading them and going before them to show them where the food is, a lot of times they’ll just stay in one area and the ones that do wander off; I remember Dr. Scott telling a story about the imaginary fence.

He used to say that there was one sheep that jumped over what look like a fence but there was nothing there. And all the other sheep started jumping over the fence that wasn’t there. Sheep are flighty. They get scared and real quick. They’re fearful animals. If you’ve ever seen little children approach, you know sometimes they have them at petting zoos and you’ll see they’ll, unless they are really used to a lot of people, they will take off or they will get skittish. There’s just-they have a lot of qualities.

So God was not trying to be poetically kind when he said sheep. And then Jesus says, “My sheep know my voice.” In fact, even that is a remarkable testimony to a concept. You know we see sheep, lambs, young lambs, one-year-old and then they become sheep and as they get older obviously, and they usually marked in the ear. You’ll see cattle and sheep normally have the same thing. They’re hooked; they’re stapled or marked in the ear.

Nowadays they do it with a microchip I think but back when farming was still farming it was tagged. I find that even that is remarkable because how do we sheep come to hear the Master’s voice but by our ears. It’s like this ear has to be marked to be able to here. There are many things like that that I think is just no accident. But I began to look at Jesus talking speaking of Himself saying, “I am the good shepherd,” literally in the Greek it says, “I am the shepherd, the good.” And He refers to Himself as the door and any other door, if you come in by any other way you’re a thief and a robber.