Pastor Melissa Scott shows us that these are important keywords because the whole point of this study is to look at how we’re going to pray and how we’re going to approach the subject of temptation. And using some of these keywords “being vigilant,” praying with specificity towards God in worship, and the concept of entering in, in this case requiring something to enter in, like going through a door versus Matthew 6:13 which is essentially like being carried into a current and needing someone to rescue you from the rushing water.

Now at some point all of this is going to bring us back to Galatians. “Aw, are you being smart?” No. Well maybe. All right. So you can see these words that I’ve highlighted here to make my point. We’re not immune. This is what I wanted to say at the beginning. There is nobody who walks the face of the earth who’s immune to temptation; no one. This is why Jesus gave this in prayer and this is why in a moment in the garden setting, think about it. I mean I looked at this whole passage about Jesus in the garden and I began to think it’s the first time we are seeing the depiction of Isaiah 53, a man of sorrows.

It’s the first time we’re seeing these things that were spoken of Him, “Numbered among the transgressors,” all of the, what was foretold in the garden setting. And being filled with agony and anguish, being filled in that moment to begin to usher in the restoration, the process as I said the temptation of Christ. In Matthew, the early passage, I believe its chapter 4 that takes us to the place of understanding. Everything that’s happening is a pattern to set right what fallen man has done. And the only way back now at this point, one Door, that Door, Jesus Christ. So He had to do certain things, even fulfillment of Scripture that’s not even declared as fulfilling Scripture, such as being in this garden setting. Now what does this have to do with us? You’re going to see.

In this same passage Jesus says in Matthew 26:41, He says, “the spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak.” Think about that with regard to the fact He told Peter to be vigilant and pray. And I’m sure; I’m not, thumbing my nose at Peter, I am sure that Peter probably in his own strength, in his own iskus tried, but failed because he did it in his own strength. I’m sure he tried to stay awake. In fact, why the relevance of have Jesus come back multiple times and finds them sleeping only emphasizes the weakness of man. The miracle, of course, there’s our word right here “into temptation” peirasmon but this is what is so amazing.