If God Who is God and is sovereign can create the worlds, can hang the stars in the sky and make this seemingly unreasonable and unruly world keep going, rotating; the sun still comes up the next day; He certainly is capable and has all power by way of the cross to work out all those other things that the ones that come to trouble you would like to disturb you with. So if I could take this, and it’s impossible to cover this in an hour; there’s just too much here.

I’ve given you the gestalt, the overview to reduce it down to at least show you that the center of Galatians’ message is very much centered on the cross of Jesus Christ and dimensions of His work at the cross, which bring us to a new and, I believe, in my opinion, a new and more powerful and more clear picture of what happened at the cross. All of these things, salvation, righteousness, freedom from the law, faith given not just something that was exclusive to the Jews, but now available to the Gentiles, persecution for those who will stand for the cause of Christ, sanctification; simply something that’s sainted to God. And this most glorious picture that whatever people may bring to you, as long as you have the cross; the cross without Jesus on it, which means He has risen, in focus, you know the power. Hopefully, God willing, we’ll look at a better and closer and deeper look at the Person of the cross, because the Person of the cross is where the power is.

The activity that was displayed is portrayed here in Galatians. And unfortunately with the clock running I feel like I’m on a marathon here. The beauty, if we only had this one book, which thank God we don’t; but if we only had the Book of Galatians, we could stay on a straight course and know that at least in doctrine, at least in view, the symbol of the cross may represent death, but it represents death of the old man, because one passage I didn’t read to you is verse 15, “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availed any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.” You know what? That’s what I have to look at. That’s what makes me smile. I don’t have to have the brand of the old or the baggage of the old. Brand new in Christ, that’s what the work at the cross, the very beginning-look at the work of the cross brings to me and to you.

I pray that at least, God willing, next week, we’ll take a deeper, closer look at the cross. But right now, that’s my message.