Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that in the New Testament brought to us by the good news of His Son, Jesus Christ. That being said Romans 10:17 “Faith comes by hearing.” You are not going to get up in Faith I don’t care if you listen to the radio or watch the news but I can guarantee you, you watch the news, you are not going to be pumped up in Faith. Is that a license to say you abandon everything of the world? Of course not. But you get Faith, the promise in the Bible says “Faith comes” but it “comes by hearing.” That’s your starting point.  Now I need to put a little footnote on this.

In times past in the Old Testament when the spirit of the Lord came on someone  I’m a lunatic about the Bible. I went and looked up each time the spirit of the Lord came upon somebody. Each time the spirit of the Lord comes upon somebody something happens. They begin to speak. You go right to the beginning of the Bible, this spirit of God hovered over the waters, the face of the waters and then God said “Let there be light.” The spirit of the Lord comes upon, for the most part, most of the examples the spirit of the Lord, comes upon somebody in the Old Testament and they deliver a message.

How are you supposed to hear, how do you obtain Faith if you are not listening? And there are some people that say “Well, you gotta be a spirit filled Christian.” And they don’t even have a prayer of an idea of what that means. I can’t tell you and say do thus and so but I can tell you being around people there are certain people you’re around them and they inspire your faith, you’re around them and you can’t help but be lifted up. That is the spirit of Faith in a person.

The Corinthian letter talks about the gifts of the spirit or concerning the gifts that are listed. Bad translation. It should be concerning the spirit man or the spirit gifts. The gift of Faith is one of them but that doesn’t mean you have to have that particular gift. If you don’t have that do like the people that have a eating disorder. Just keep listening to all the preaching of God’s Word, all you can, just don’t regurgitate it. Take it in. “Well Faith’s hard for me.” “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. It’s just hard for me to have faith.” Well, read your Bible. Without Faith it’s impossible to please God. And how do you get Faith? By hearing the Word of God. Okay.