Now the word in English ‘ark’ our word comes from the Latin word arko, from the verb arceo or akeo: to be shut in, to protect, so there is a good connection with the English word. “Rooms shalt thou make within the ark.” Now we talked about, you almost have to play ping pong and stay with me a little while because there is so much in here and there is such little time to do it, it seems like I said unfair to try and treat a whole text and pull it apart in a limited time.

You remember when we looked at Adam in the garden; we had that word and I am going to write it in English, we had the word gen or gan, which was like a perimeter around the garden. Everybody translates the word for ‘rooms’ when God is instructing Noah to make rooms. Everybody translates it ‘nests’ or ‘cells’ and that is an okay translation; that’s fine. But think of the protected area that God was trying to give Adam and then reflect on that word because it is the same word being used here. And He says, “Make an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shall pitch it within and without.” Whole thing is going to be covered.

Now some of you who were listening to me last year, it is a lot of Hebrew today but I am going to try and do it now in English so we can have phonetic spelling. The word for pitch, I am just going to write it kappur, that is the word for pitch from which we get Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the day of covering, the kapporeth on the Mercy Seat; so kappur is the pitch. The last time we were here I didn’t do this in depth; we just kind of passed through it. It is a beautiful depiction of how God wove in the tapestry of the text.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that there would be covering for the ark using that same word we use in the atonement. And the ‘gopher’ word nobody seems to know what that is. Everybody speculates what the ‘gopher wood’ is because it doesn’t exist – is in Hebrew the same, gappur. There is a correlation, (I just made sunglasses) there is a correlation, you never know what you are going to see on this board, there is a correlation between the two words kappur and gappur, certainly the pitch. There are many translations for it but it’s important when you look at the big picture of why the ark.