Now, setting the stage because we’re going to go to the book of Revelation setting the stage, Paul encountered people that said they were Christians, or Christ followers, that were not. People encountered, Paul encountered people who were still in the Judaic frame; he encountered sorcerers; he encount , all kinds of people! Just in the 19th chapter you have an overview of what he had to come against. The mere fact that he singlehandedly, I’m sure Timothy and Erastus and Apollo and all these others, Priscilla and Aquila, I’m sure but it was Paul who going in and kind of duking it out with these people. And it takes perseverance.

Now there’s one last footnote I want you to, I would like you to take a look at. I had you circle those words, we’re going to get to them. There’s one word in verse 35. It says “when the townclerk,” Acts 19:35, “when the townclerk.” That word, neochoros in the Greek, that’s a word that’s still used today in the Greek Orthodox Church for a custodian of the church. Come on up here for a minute again; last time maybe, I’m not sure. This inscription take a picture of the inscription, please this inscription is found. I’ll show you where on the theatre, okay? I’m going to turn the page on you.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this inscription is found right at the top here of, it’s out of the picture but it would be right at the top of the theatre, okay? Still existing today. This reads “Ephesus, the first and greatest metropolis of Asia and three times temple warden.” I point that out, that’s good enough, I point that out because that town clerk, neochoros, appears in here: neochoros, ‘town warden,’ ‘temple warden.’

Don’t base your Faith on these things. Base your Faith on the Resurrection, but when you start to see all of these little pieces of history that are left behind, it’s almost like God said, with His great sense of humor, “I’m going to leave you a couple of crumbs here so you can pick at this and pick at that and, those of you that really want to pull your hair out, go to town and put it together!”