We finished looking at the 2nd chapter; we saw the church at Ephesus abandon its first love. They had to deal with false apostles; the works of the Nicolaitans; a rebuke; seven commendations; a rebuke, and then to those that overcome a promise is given. What is so ironic about this book because it’s been so discounted: The devil is, he’s like a counterfeit 20-dollar bill, sometimes you have a hard time recognizing what it is. And you really don’t know until you try and pass it off on somebody. That’s how, that’s how cleaver he is to dissuade us from reading this book with eyes of the Spirit and make it nothing but either something that people say you can’t understand it or it’s something that John wrote that’s too crazy for any of us to even make sense of. Not so, not so, not so.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that one of the beautiful things is in Jesus’ rebuke to the church at Ephesus. He says if you don’t change your ways I’m going to take your candlestick from you. You know what I wish? I wish that you folks would really digest what’s being said here because not only did it apply to the church at Ephesus it applies to the Church present day. If you don’t change your ways, church, this church, any church anywhere, if you don’t change your ways and stop your ways, Jesus can take the church. “Well how could that be?” It’s His church, that’s right. He has the right to say okay lady you’re a faithful servant, I’m going to pluck you up with those faithful ones and stick you somewhere else. You think the message only applies to those Ephesian people. This is a message for all ages and all times and it’s a tough message.

If we would heed the warning when He says “If you don’t change your ways,” look at what’s left in Ephesus. If you are a person who has traveled to that land you will see nothing is left but strewn ruins of past splendor of what used to be. There’s not even a church there. Then you travel some thirty plus maybe forty miles at best north to Smyrna. There’s something ironic and you can say coincidence, there’s something ironic about the fact that He told this church at Ephesus “If you don’t change your ways” with the rebuke “I’m going to take your church” and there’s nothing there.