Ten meaning an intensifier; ten making it so intense you’re going to have ten, you’re going to have intense days, ten being the number of intensity, of tribulation.  What does He say? “Be thou faithful unto death.” I put this here because it’s so beautiful. He gives an imperative ginou pistos, ‘be faithful.’ My command to you, you folks at Smyrna, my command to you, you people that are saying, professing I’m Christians and I am, “Be faithful, and I will give thee a crown of life.” If I had more time, one of those days where I don’t, this is your crown, stefanon.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that it’s interesting, that’s the crown of life, the word for crown, stefanon, it’s interesting when we read in the Gospel records about Jesus when they put Him on trial and they put a crown of thorns on His head, that crown the word in the Greek stefanon and the first Christian martyr after Jesus, Stephen, stefanon. “I will give you a crown of life.” For you laying down your life, this is your reward the last place that it reads, it’s like Jesus saying listen I am already, I’ve been there, I’ve done that you don’t have to worry about it. Look to me, I’m living proof you’re going to overcome, you’re going to come through. “To the person that has ear, let him hear what the Spirit’s saying.” If you can understand what Jesus is saying, if you can understand what I’m saying, the message has been trust in Him. Trust in Him. Keep trusting in Him. Trust in him, He’ll never leave; He’ll never forsake you. He’ll never misguide you. He’ll never lead you down a wrong path and I can’t say that for the rest of the people out in the world.

“And he that overcometh,” we covered that word, onikon, “to the victor shall not be hurt of the second death.” I want to tell you something this whole text, if that doesn’t give you the greatest hope like plugging in to a power cord where you’ve just been rejuvenated because Christ is giving us these instructions.  He says to those of you who are going to follow faithfully and stay the course of things and not veer your eyes from me, because He had not one word of rebuke to these people, they won’t be hurt of the second death.

Man, if I could believe that. Not me I do, you know if people really believed that we’ve have people stepping forward and saying “By God’s grace and by His power and by His Holy Spirit, I am here to help you push the Word of this wonderful Gospel out to the world and there’s nothing that will stop me. I’m going to be like that band at Smyrna not some Ephesian church, not some church that will come ebb and flow with whatever the religion de jour is. I’m going to stay with the stuff. You can’t pry my hands loose from the plow. I’m going to stay by the goods because I know the person that stays by the goods gets the stuff.”