You have a right to believe what you want. Know why you believe it and where your beliefs came from and then make you decision based on that.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if we’re teaching the message of Jesus Christ, people will get saved and people will latch on, trust and believing in the Lord. But then let me tell you something. No threat of a bomb in this country, no natural disaster, nothing should shake you because you know in whose arms you’re going to be when you get there.

We’ve said it to our Jewish friends, if you’re going to be Jewish know what the scriptures saith. Know why you are a Jew, not because you were born into a family and Judaism without really understanding. If you’re going to believe, know why you believe and back it up with something, so that you have underneath everything something to stand on. I know what I stand on. I listened long enough. I’ve read enough to know what I’m standing on is solid.