Now Jesus turns around in Revelation. He’s already won the victory. He’s resurrected. Glorified. He’s talking to the over-comers “To him that overcometh I will give to him authority over the nations” which means “to him that overcometh the right to rule and rein. To him that overcometh he will shepherd them.” There’s been a change here. It went from the Father hypothetically speaking to the Son and the Son now talking to we who are co-heirs of the promise to us “to him that overcometh I’ll give to him authority over the nations. He will shepherd them with a rod of iron” – the same thing, just like the Son, coequal – “And he will shatter them” – the promise that was given to Christ in the Old Testament, Christ turns around and says ‘Now I paid the price and I’m the first-goer of the faith, I’m the first achiever and I’m turning around to you church of Thyatira and I’m saying to you if you’ll overcome, if you’ll overcome,” if you’ll read the last line of Psalm 2. Read the last line “Blessed are they that put their trust in him.” “If you’ll put your trust in Me, church of Thyatira, if you’ll put your trust in Me, church where ever you are in whatever age, if you’ll put your trust in Me you will be given, coequal, the same inheritance that I have been given, that the Father promised me. I will turn around and give it to you. If you put your trust in Me, church you will overcome. You will rule and reign with me.”

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the promise of life eternal with Christ Jesus and I can’t say anymore than that because to add anything more to this – the only one thing that I’d say as a footnote: there’s a reason it says like the ceramic the vessel of the Potter that He will break. When the church is gone, what will be left when the church is gone? Are those people who are like hardened clay they would not harken. Like Pharaoh their hearts were hardened.

They would not hear. Don’t tell me about the fact He’s going to come again and there may be some who are saved. That’s a sidebar. It’s a side issue. There are many who are going to be smashed to pieces in the end. Is that the Jesus Christ we serve? Well He’s come and how long has He been here? People take the text out of context and say ‘at the end, the last church, Christ is knocking at the door will you answer?’ He’s not knocking outside somebody’s nonbeliever door. He’s knocking on the church. He’s talking to the believers. Will you hear what He’s saying? “To him that overcometh you will be just as I was to the Father you will be with Me!”

And that’s my message.