I would be remembering what he said, what he did – ‘Oh, remember that time.’ ‘Oh yeah that was a fun time that time.’ Or whatever happened in that picture. Okay? “Do this in remembrance of me.” Those elements act like a photo that you look at that helps you to remember the act of what He did. And the act of what He did – well He might have healed a lot of people and He might have said a lot of good things. But He said ‘I’m here now. You’re going to see Me. I’m going to do all these things. But the most important thing is I’m going to lay down my life and I’m going to raise up again on the third day.’

You’d be surprised how many people start on some other premise when they’re addressing the Communion. Some have degrees of sin like ‘I’m not as bad as this person. I didn’t rob a bank, therefore I’m not as bad as that person’ or ‘well I don’t do that.’ Hey. Go read the Bible.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the Pharisee and the publican ‘I thank my God I’m not like so-and-so.’ Guess what? You just did worse. You just did worse in the act of saying you’re not like that person. Spiritual pride and sin of saying you’re not like him when the fact of the matter is you all – we all are born into Adam. And “all have sinned.” It doesn’t say – it says there’s no difference. Do you know what that means? It means black. It means white. It means yellow. It means red. It means God sees no color. He doesn’t see any indication of more or less. There is no difference.

Now I’m going to say this because maybe there are some of you that are like me.