“I’m going to remind you,” and “I’m going to tell you” – I think he’s saying really, “Let me remind you, brothers. The gospel” – and this is a noun. That’s important for a reason because “the gospel that I gospelize to you.” It’s not a made up word. It’s really how it would be translated, “the gospel that I gospelize to you” being a verb and a participle making it “gospelizing” but he says, “the gospel, the good news euangellion that I good-newsed to you” – now that’s; I don’t know if that’s English or not, it doesn’t really matter – “that I” – it’s another Scottism – “that I good-newsed” – however that would work, “to you.” He says, and by the way, I wanted to just point something out: this word is passive. It means the hearers received sitting like that, which is the way we all receive. Us, our teaching today is either orally communicated or we read a book, but Paul’s making an argument to say, “That’s not the way it was delivered to me, lest anybody want to talk about my apostleship and deny that I received and that” – this is why grammar is so good. It reveals to us that it wasn’t some objective sidebar.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that let me get to it, because I get excited about talking about this. Most people go, “Grammar. Wake me up when it’s over.” Alright. So “the gospel that was gospelized by me” – hoti, hoti ouk, hoti ouk – “so that” or “because not is according ” – kata – “according to man” – anthropone – “not, not according to man, not a man-invented thing. I didn’t receive it from a man. It’s not a human invention.” Until we really, really get the essence of what he is saying; it’s a simple thing. It’s a simple, simple truth. Any person who stands and says they’ve received another revelation other than what has been revealed…. There isn’t another. And quite frankly, it has spawned many different denominations outside of the body of Christ, which claim to be attached to the body of Christ, but they are not. There is no other revelation except for the revelation of Jesus Christ.