Now, when we fight as human beings, we have this innate ability to say, “Okay, I forgive you.” But we are never really forgiving the person, because most of the time, if it’s something so egregious, even though by speaking the words you say, “I forgive you,” you never have the ability to loosen what has been done. In other words, you can say, “Well, I forgive somebody for something,” but if it’s in your mind and you still keep it in your mind, you never released it. For example, if we now work together and I see you every day, and then we have another fight, and then a year down the road I say, “Well, remember what you did the last time?” You never released it. When people talk about forgiveness, and certainly of forgiveness of trespasses, thank God we serve a God who did the twofold action! He didn’t say, “I’m only going to do this and not do that.” “Well I’m going to shed my blood to appease and propitiate God,” and leave out the other side, which is expiate and cleanse.

When we say to somebody, “You’re forgiven,” it is not in our capacity. Only God can put that in us to release something. When we look at these words, again, it is not simply to say forgiveness, but a release that basically says, “It’s all gone!” I said this a year ago, man remembers everything. But, the God whom I serve and the God whom you serve, He forgets, He wipes out. I know there are people who don’t yet understand. Not you; you’ve been taught. But there are people out there who do not yet understand. That picture of the clay on the wheel that Dr. Scott so eloquently taught out of Jeremiah 18, you’re a person put on that wheel.

When you first were put on that wheel, you might have been in really bad condition, butchered up, cracked, marred by life. His blood, the power of His blood, and your life, which is your life being on that wheel that God is shaping you and forming you in, is that which basically, when He’s done shaping that pot, He takes it off and puts it in a place where it says, “This is a finished product.” It’s not going happen here; it’s going to happen over there, but the process has begun. And it’s by His blood that He looks at me now and He doesn’t see that dirty, stained, wretched person that I was. He looks at me and says, “You look like My Son Jesus.” God help the people who don’t understand that is the message of salvation and grace.