I’m guilty of assuming that everyone knows what Faith is. If you ask people why or what they believe, you will encounter a lot of people that have not learned the basic principles of Christian Faith. For that matter, if you went into their homes and could ask them “What is Faith? Define Faith for me,” you would probably not get a complete answer.

I confess I love digging into God’s Word and pulling it apart. I love grammar, I love history, I love God’s Word. Today you will hear a basic Faith message.

Let me start with this. We read in the book of Acts 16:25, Paul and Silas are praying. They’re in prison, praying and singing to God at midnight. Now my guess is that at any given time you could read that passage and not focus in on the same word that I’m going to focus on right now. Midnight. At midnight, in a dark cell, probably rat-infested, at midnight. In your life whatever your midnight is—and it can last a minute, it can last an hour, it can last who knows how long…. What I love about Paul is that if we look and analyze his Faith, you will never see it waver. His Faith is always at the same level. “I’ve learned in whatsoever state I’m in…” a solid not-moving expression of a state of being.

That prompted me to think, from my vantage point, that most people have equated Faith with some emotive hope. When things come, when trouble comes, when tribulation comes, when your midnight comes, do you get pushed around? You may have faith in faith, or faith in something else, but Faith in God and what He said is what we are going to talk about.