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The Resurrection Message by Pastor Melissa Scott

And he raised Him from the house of the dead, where the dead people live. Not just that he stayed in that tomb. The whatever it was, whether it was a millisecond in time or something more, I don’t know. We’ll never know. But this event, He went to where the dead ones are. Some speculate that He went to loosen those old testament saints. I don’t know. When we get to it I’ll have an answer for you, but right now that’s not my focus.

According to Pastor Melissa Scott my focus is to say it’s a lot more than just “raised Him up from the dead.” and if I may say I’ve heard so many people comment and say, “the resurrection message-” and I will say I’m proud every time that that message that plays on TV, when I hear it playing and I hear the response of eyes opened that say “wow! That’s the best presentation,” Dr. Scott’s proof of the resurrection “that’s the best presentation I’ve ever heard.” if you haven’t heard it, you need to hear it. But I’m going to tell you this. I have my own take on all this. I’m just going to do it real quick but I’ll tell you my own little take on this.

I’ve heard so many people say the disciples had association with Jesus and their risen Lord wasn’t really risen at all, but died a failure like Dr. Scott presents and therefore their synoptics, their writing just basically to add to the cover up of something that really didn’t happen. So I began to read and I thought, you know, the Bible says out of the mouth of two or three witnesses as thing is established and confirmed. Okay, throw the Gospels aside for a minute. Now I believe in the Gospel records, so I’m just saying for those skeptics, throw that aside.

The Messiah by Pastor Melissa Scott

“Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, threescore and two weeks.” And it says, “the street shall be built again, the wall, even in troublous times. After threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city.” Many people read this and they get confused, they think that all references to a prince or Messiah are the same. But when you read it in context, you see that the prince that is going to come is the antichrist, the deceiver, the substitute deliverer.

But in case people are not sure how to properly read this text, read verse 26, where it says, “the people of the prince that shall come and destroy the city….” It says, “he will destroy the people of the ruler of the one coming.” In my Bible it says “the people of the prince that shall come.” It seems as though the translators inserted this to mess with our minds or make us believe somehow in the historicists’ frame. But that term is not in the original. The Hebrew simply says, “the one coming,” and the grammar helps us to know that it has not yet happened: the one coming, the substitute deliverer. The Messiah is cut off at sixty-nine weeks, and the Hebrew helps us see the one coming, and that has not happened yet.  I really want you to think about this: the sealing up of the vision and the prophet. One man is told, “you must not tell anybody what you see.” But in the book of Revelation, another man is told to write down what he sees. Yet both are discounted by the critics.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the part about anointing the Holy of Holies is even more significant. There are those who will read these passages and say that the events described therein have all happened in the past. And when they read Revelation 6 about “the man on the white horse,” they will get confused about who that is; they think that the passage refers to Christ because Jesus comes on white horse. No, the antichrist is the “substitute deliverer.” Why would the antichrist also come on a white horse? Because Jesus comes in the end on a white horse. The antichrist is a substitute, a copycat, which is what the devil is famous for.