People ask me, “what is your opinion of predestination. Tell me where do you stand?”

And I can say very simply, it is a subject that cannot be treated in an hour. It is a doctrine that man warped.

God chose Israel; His chosen people. If everything is a windup toy and everything is cranked to this end product, then tell me why it says, “He came to His own and His own received Him not?”.

If you read Zechariah and some of the prophetic books, you know that there is still a plan, even though they rejected Him.

So God’s book already spells out what He wants us to know because it’s like a Pandora’s box.  The basis of this doctrine by the way was implemented for this reason: for you or I as a believer to seek the assurance of salvation. That’s how this doctrine came to be implemented.

Well listen, if you need that assurance and you don’t have your assurance in Christ – I’m not talking about “once saved, always saved.”  I’m saying if you haven’t come to a firm realization that “I’m trusting Him, He wants me to trust Him and that’s where I’m putting my trust, and that’s my assurance” then I have nothing else here. If you need something else, you need to go back to the book and start over. For the reason He came was distrust in the beginning. It could only be mankind that would search for some idea of how to put God in a box. “I need to know definitively: God let me check this box to make sure that I’m really saved.”

Well if you’re putting God in that much of a box, the flipside is you’re going to be the same person to ask, “Is God the author of evil?” That same Pandora’s box that has the mind to probe into areas where, I can tell you, if God wanted us to know certain of these questions – and I’m not saying we shouldn’t discuss them. They’re wonderful discussions for us to ponder. But when they creep in to become doctrine, it means that (and this is my opinion now) we’ve opened the door to the devil, because that little door opens up for discussion and that becomes the doorway where somebody walks through and says, “Well if there’s evil in the land, it must be that God is the author of evil.” God forbid. But these are the things that have spawned doctrines.