Pastor Melissa Scott Teaching

Pastor Melissa Scott teaches on the Treasure in A Field

If you feel worthless in the place where you are, read the
parables of Matthew 13, and know the context of those parables
taught by Jesus. He teaches three parables:
a treasure in a field, a pearl of great price, and fish in a net.
He says the Kingdom is like this: there is a treasure in a field
and the price paid is sufficient to buy the whole field,
that you might get the treasure.
For too long, I’ve heard “the pearl of great price” mistreated in theology. That pearl of
great price is not Jesus.
A goodly merchant will sell everything he has to get the pearl of
great price. And they will drag in the good fish along with
the bad fish; because the good fish have the value, they
can be sorted out later.
Pastor Melissa Scott goes on to explain that in the context of
the three parables, God is talking not about Jesus, who needs nothing
added to His glory, but He is saying to you and me what we are worth to Him that
He would bring out of the bank of Heaven His own Son. “God so loved
the world, that he gave his only begotten Son” (John 3:16), a
price sufficient to buy the whole field because of a treasure
hid in the field.
He would sell everything He had to get that pearl of great price,
and drag in all the fish to get the good ones; and that is you and me!
So if you feel worthless today, look at Calvary. He died
for you, and if no other person had responded from then until now,
except you, He would have done it. That’s worth getting excited and
raising your voice about! “Lift up now thine eyes, from the place
where thou art.”

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