He came to a well and there was a big rock on the well; he 
asked about it and found this was where Laban, his uncle,
watered his sheep.
And Rachel, Laban’s daughter, came to the well. Jacob fell
in love at first sight. He wanted to marry Rachel, so he met
the family. He went to work for his uncle and asked if he
could have Rachel’s hand in marriage.
He said, “I’ll work seven years for Rachel, thy younger
daughter.” How would you like to have your man work for you that

Seven years he worked for Rachel, and Laban fooled him and
gave him Leah. Seven more years he worked then for Rachel;
that’s 14 years for Rachel! 

When this old heel grabber wanted something, he never let go!
That is the point being made:  that side of the nature that,
in its own strength, will never  say die, will never give up,
will grab for himself. 

Corner him, he’s still fighting!