This inner court ministry is hidden, and because it is hidden there
is only one motivation, and that is the second reason I think God puts it in
priority: only your love for God will bring you in here.

In the outer court, acclaim for accomplishments can keep you going. Somebody sitting there says, “I want you to watch that man. I never have seen a guy that
can get as many animals slain in one 24-hour period in my life. He can
lead more people into repentance and into dedication than any 10 other
guys in the court.” And subtly, before you know it, you might slip into
outer court performance because it is seen. You might do that because it
is seen; you do this because He wants it.
Last, because it is hidden, there is only one way to evaluate
ministry to the Lord. In the outer court, skills differentiate.

You know, some people just have a way with the knife. They not only get the job
done, but when they lead somebody to repentance and offer that sacrifice,
they just have such a flourish in the way they do it that you forget for a
moment what is being done in the joy of watching the performance.

They just grab the sacrifice and the knife, and they do it with a sweep and
grace. You like to watch them perform in the outer court while other
people are all thumbs. “I’ll get the sacrifice offered, and you may cringe
thinking I’ll cut a thumb off in the process, but I’ll get it done.”

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